Help the First Nations in Canada secure a clean water source

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Shoal Lake 40, Needs our help.

The Problem

this First Nations community, has been left without clean tap water for about 20 years. They until recently have been isolated from Canada because of being forced onto an island with little to no way off. In addition to that, On the land stolen from them Winnipeg created a water intake facility that they aren't benefiting from. They are actually being harmed from it, since the intake facility's waste is dumped into their water source. The only water they have to rely on is the bottled water trucked in from Ontario, making the cost of water for one person a year 1,000 dollars. This is particularly outrageous since Winnipeg only pays 300 per person.

The Solution

This problem has since been helped through the building of freedom road and bridge that connected them to the trans-Canada highway. Despite this, they still have no clean tap water. What do they need? They need a water intake facility to clean the water they have, making it safe for them to drink.

Why care

This is very important because, it is related to the health of other Canadians. This matter directly impacts the health and well being of our fellow citizens. Nine people have died crossing the lake to get water for their community, Mothers, Fathers, children, friends. Now is the time for equal rights to water.

What can you do?

Your signature on this petition is the start, it will show law makers that this problem matters to us. If you wish to take it a step further contact your local representatives to open a conversation about this very important issue. In addition to that, share this petition and use your platform to make your voice heard.