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Refugees have to travel through thousands of kilometres to a country they are unfamiliar with and probably didn't want to come to. They have no money or financial support, no family, and nothing but the sincere wish to survive and escape the war, persecution, genocide, or other horrific tragedies that may have befallen their home country. They have no other intention but to attempt to start a new life. 

And yet, instead of supporting and welcoming them, governments around the world are turning a blind eye to these people. Take the Syrian Refugee Crisis, for example. millions of people were forced to flee their homes due to war, and Assad's deplorable and appalling use of Chemical weapons and artillery against his own people. We have all heard horrific stories like in Allepo, or the innocent young boy that washed up on the shore of Greece after his boat capsized. Our ineffective politicians don't care about it either, because they're too preoccupied with their bureaucratic Clusterf*ckery. The border states of Syria, such as Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon, are overwhelmed, while the rest of the world does not seem to sympathize. It's time to do something about this tragedy. How we act in times like these is the most defining of who we truly are.

But it's not just the refugees who benefit, in these scenarios. Studies show that refugees are much less likely to commit crimes than their native-born counterparts because they value more their residence in the country and therefore strive and work harder to lead better lives for themselves and their family, that is, if they even see their family again. Refugees stimulate and actively contribute to the economy in many ways and they also provide societal diversity in a time where the extreme right and extreme left are becoming more and more radical. The west continues to claim the importance of values such as freedom and civilian rights, but how can we say we support those virtues if we 1, don't properly take action against people who violate them and 2, protect those who have suffered these violations. We Claim to Value democracy where power belongs to the people, but we are currently acting like the aristocratic, who don't care about the social and financial wellbeing of others and only care about fulfilling our own already exorbitant goals. Take Canada, its population would be shrinking if not for immigration. We Canadians have so far pledged to take in 25000 refugees, but that's barely anything compared to the total amount of refugees in the world, which is in the millions. Besides, 25000 thousand is only a number. As Stalin put it, "one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic"

there are many misconceptions about refugees, most of them completely baseless and incredibly harmful. 

One of those is that refugees can be a cover for terrorists. However, this argument only relies on the inability to disprove, which is not acceptable as evidence in any scientific field. If this were even half true, terrorists could pretend to be any immigrants, even legal ones with citizenships. It is incredibly offensive and ludicrous to categorize all refugees as "possible terrorists". It is straight-up Paranoia, which is almost always without any factual evidence in place. Terrorists could only make up about a fraction of a percentage of refugees. For example, Turkey has taken in over a million refugees, while the US has taken in less than a thousand. Turkey does not have a thousand times more instances of terrorism. The number of terrorist attacks is not based off of refugee influxes. Infact, if you actually take the time to ask, most refugees are strictly anti-terrorists because terrorism is the reson for over a quarter of all refugees being displaced in the first place.

another misconception is that because many refugees have smartphones, they aren't as poor as they say they are. Well that is just bullcrap because the only reason they have cell phones is because in our age of immense globalization, a cell phone could easily provide the rescue, help, and comfort that refugees need, and they should get all that they can.

Many people complain about their taxes going towards supporting refugees. Well guess what you selfish deplorable inconsiderate nincompoops, you're money could easily be going towards saving someone's life and what exactly would you be doing with that money otherwise? if you can't bear to give a tiny sliver of your income to helping impoverished people then maybe you should rethink what truly matters in society

In conclusion, Refugees are innocent people who have suffered tragedies beyond what you and I can comprehend and it is within the duty of everyone, to help support them, because you at least get something back, a growing economy.

this petition is to Prime Minister Trudeau to urge him to accept more Refugees into this lovely country