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Dear Mr. Prime Minster

As Iranian-Canadians living in Canada and having access to one of the best available public health services in the world we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to help all other Iranians who are now fighting with CoVID-19 inside Iran every day and night. News from Iran shows tens, probably even hundreds of people are being infected daily with COVID-19.
Iran has an advanced primary healthcare capacity in the Middle East region, however, the health care system can not import its critically needed basic medical products. There is a huge shortage of medications , hospital equipments , diagnostic kits , protective gowns , masks and antiseptics.

We sincerely ask for your urgent attention towards this very critical condition in Iran . You did show your great support and empathy with all Iranian community after the tragic event of the flight 752 which makes us feel so proud to be Canadian citizens and support Liberal party’s humanitarian agendas. There are so many Iranian-Canadians willing to send money or health supplies to Iran. However they don’t know how to do that.

With your great support, as always, we are hoping to be able to find a robust way of sending necessary health supplies to Iran.
Iranian Canadian community will never forget your true support and diligent action.
Here you could see signatures of Iranian- Canadian community who are all asking you the same request.
We all do believe in your good heart.

Yours Sincerely,