Full Investigations Into Downing of Flight 752

Full Investigations Into Downing of Flight 752

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On 8 January 2020, the Boeing 737-800 operating the route was shot down shortly after takeoff from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps killing all 176 passengers including some 150 destined to Canada, 63 of which were Canadian citizens. The following three days were but a shameful series of omission of truth, lies, and false propaganda fueled by Islamic Republic officials and echoed by their apologists across the world. Despite Islamic Republic's attempt to hide the truth, IRGC was finally forced to reveal the fact that indeed they downed the plane. However, many more questions stay unanswered.

Hereby, we ask prime minister Trudeau to not give in to Islamic Republic's false propaganda machine and require the Canadian investigating team to find out the whole truth about several questions including, but not restricted to the following:

1_ Given the tense war situations that night, why did Iran allow the flight to take off in the first place?

2_ Was the downing intentional?

3_ Was the downing preventable?

4_ What is the exact line of command responsible for the tragedy?

5_ Why did Islamic Republic's officials misinform the international community as well as it's own citizens?

6_ Who are responsible for this misinformation?

and many more questions that will arise as the process goes on.

We hope by shedding light on dark corners of this tragedy, Canadian government will help Canadians have the truth they deserve to know.

4,729 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!