Free Hospital Parking for Health Care Workers

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Remember that one time you had to visit your local hospital? Do you remember how expensive it was paying for parking when you left? Well imagine doing this almost everyday just to go to work to care for others!! As healthcare workers, we should NOT have to pay parking to come to work at the hospital... especially during a pandemic where we are being mandated to work longer hours and come in on our days off. We should not be taking public transit at this time (as we can’t guarantee that we will get to work on time and for the public’s safety incase we are exposed at work). Many healthcare workers are parking off hospital property to save money, however, this poses a risk as well, such as our safety and security. Many workers are coming outside to be assaulted and/or to find their cars vandalized, towed and ticketed due to parking in unsafe areas or being parked too long in certain areas due to being mandated/ staying longer at the patients bedside to care for acute patients in need. Healthcare workers should not have to pay full price to park on-site at the hospital. Imagine doing a 16+ hour shift... being exhausted and coming outside to find your car vandalized/towed/ticketed. We would love to see parking free for staff so that we are not worried about spending extra time at our patients bedside. Us healthcare workers spend hundreds each MONTH alone for parking.. let alone thousands by the end of the year. This is not right. Please give us one less thing to worry about.