Fire Theresa Tam as Canada's Chief Public Health Officer

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Since the outbreak of COVID19 in early January 2020 in China, this fast spreading virus has transformed into an ongoing global pandemic and caused thousands of civilian casualties on a daily basis. In Canada, as of 11:30am April 7, the infected population reached 17063 and 345 in death toll due to a series of missteps and failures in government policies. Amongst those who are most publicly responsible, Dr. Theresa Tam, aka the chief PHO of Canada, has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the virus, misled Canadians on self-protection measures, and taken an extremely passive-reactive, rather than proactive, approach in handling the situation. Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Tam has demonstrated a worst possible case as a CPHO to protect Canadians who are paying a life and death price as a result of her poor professional judgement and gross incompetence. It is in Canada's vital interest that the PM and Government of Canada should remove Dr. Theresa Tam immediately as CPHO, and appoint someone with leadership and professional skills to bring Canada back to the right path of fighting COVID19 and save thousands of lives.