End the Commercial Seal Hunt

End the Commercial Seal Hunt

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Seals in Canada are being ruthlessly beaten, and killed by fishermen. Canada's government isn't stoping this cruelty, in fact they are letting it happen. According to the Humane Society of the US, "Each spring, the Canadian government authorizes fishermen to club or shoot to death hundreds of thousands of baby seals for their fur".

However the demand for seal products has fallen drastically, yet why are more and more seals being killed? It is because the Canadian government doesn't want the seals to "wipe out" the fish population, but ultimately they aren't the problem.

Human overfishing and other fishing practices are preventing the recovery of fish stocks. Even according to Canadian government scientists, overfishing was the sole reason for the collapsing ground fish stocks. There is no reason for the government to accuse the innocent seals.

The government, like always, undermines that idea therefore they blame it on the seals. They also ignore the fact that poor science is backed behind the vicious killing sprees, making scientists sound the alarm for change. Scientists have stated that this practice as unsustainable, and that the seals are recovering from record low levels. This will inevitably cause harm on the food chain, creating increased problems in the future.

The seals also die a slow and cruel death. It has been estimated that the average seal stayed alive for 45.2 seconds after being hit, or shot. In other words, they have to experience 45.2 seconds of pain, suffering, and torment because of the Canadian government inability to induce change.

To put it into perspective, if we get a paper cut it already causes a level of uncomfortable pain. Imagine now, being shot or hit in the head, at a force substantial enough to penetrate the skull. To make matters even worse, you don't even comprehend why you are being treated like this, being treated like yet another doll for the government to toy with.

This is precisely what the seals, the baby seals, have to go through. We need to end this. We need to end it all. 

The barbarism done to the poor seals can be ended by petitioning the Canadian government in making "seal clubbing" and with that, seal hunting illegal. 

National poll shows a solid majority of Canadians oppose this, but how is it that the commercial seal hunt is still alive then? This is because we are not speaking up. Humans have the capability to use the voice within them to speak for change, to help speak for those who cannot say, "Why is this happening?" and "I don't want to die".  

We are the seal's only voice

Therefore, by signing this petition, we will be demonstrating to the government that this practice is pitiless. It lets us come together, pressuring the government to put an end to the commercial seal hunt. Spread the news, spread the pointlessness of this practice. By doing so we can put a smile on every seal out there and, in the end, getting a warm "thank you" from them.







0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!