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End all Open water Fish Farming.

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Wild Salmon numbers are falling,  it has been proven time and again that any kind of open water net farming of fish poses huge risks to the native species.   We are playing Russian Roulette with our entire ecosystem by allowing non-native species to be farmed in open systems. These open systems spread disease, risk escapement and interbreeding as well as predation with all native stocks.  Not only are Native Salmon vital as a multi hundred million dollar industry but also to all levels in the ecosystem from the ocean to the mountains.  Bears, eagles, other native fish, human beings, and even the plants that live on their migratory routes all rely on the returning of the salmon to provide a nutrient transfer back from the sea.  


Be it resolved that all fish farming needs to be moved on to the land and be in a completely closed process.  This must happen without delay.  Our negligence and complete disregard for scientifically proven risks, for the sole gain for a few $$ must stop  BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.   

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