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Draw official attention to the timeline of some of the immigration cases in Canada

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Immigration is the cornerstone of Canada as a developed country and advanced society. Many around the world put their faith in this road and take grave risks to secure a better future for themselves and their families. Immigration system of Canada is one of the most reliable and efficient of similar existing systems in other countries. However, as per recent trend, many applicants have faced irregular delays in their applications which is the subject of this petition.

IRCC as the sole responsible agency for immigration in Canada has recently selected a large number of applications for permanent residency for more enhanced security checks known as Security Screening. As crucial and important as this procedure is for the safety of Canada and its good people, it has abnormally prolonged processing of above-said cases and put the applicants under tremendous pressure.

Immigrants to Canada, especially those who apply under economic categories, are usually young, have outstanding life accomplishments, possess highest educational credentials, their professional experience is plentiful and most of them have a very good command of English. Therefore, they can easily merge into the Canadian society and start contributing to the society right after their arrival.

We, as Iranian citizens who happen to have welcomed foreigners into our country, believe that it is crystal clear that immigration is a very complicated process and for people to successfully walk down this road, they need so much preparation and have to get a head start beforehand. The fact that the Iranian applicants who are going through Security Screening are in a seemingly indefinite limbo frustrates many of them and wouldn’t let them focus on the task at hand. Many of us have refused job offers in our home country or have put our careers on hold. Planning for the schooling of children and buying new houses are paused and some relationships are suffering from this delay. We already face huge uncertainties and not hearing good news about our immigration cases deepens our frustration and fear.

At the end of the day, the government of Canada has every right to vet any foreign national who seeks entry to Canada in any way it deems fit. The only request that we have is that the responsible agencies for Security Screening shed some light on this very dark part of the process and reassure us that our cases are not untouched and are being processed in a timely fashion. If it is possible for CBSA to conclude Security Screening for a certain category of refugees in 96 hours (as per indicated in Link 1), why some applicants under FSW, CEC and PNP categories are given much lower priority and their process takes much more time? Even the Auditor General in its 2011 report had raised some concerns about the timeliness of CBSA's practice for permanent residency cases (Link 2).

It is important to note that there are hundreds if not thousands of people who are eagerly looking forward to hearing back from IRCC about their cases and also to starting a new life in the great country of Canada.

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