Denounce the Police Killings of Black People in the U​.​S. and Canada

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The police in the United States have a duty to protect their citizens.  Yet, almost every day it seems, somewhere in the United States, an African American is killed by police.   These extra-judicial killings are nothing but modern day lynchings.  They must stop.  

Concerned Canadians are horrified and outraged, watching events unfold in the United States and seeing similar killings by police of Black people in Canada.  While the pandemic prohibits travel at this time, many Canadians will be reluctant to travel to the U.S. in the future and many Canadians are equally distrustful of the police in Canada.

As the Prime Minister of Canada, you must send a strong message to President Trump and the Governors of each state and the Premiers of Canada that these killings are the result of viral and systemic racism in the police forces.  Human rights abuses must be condemned whether they happen domestically or internationally.  Action must be taken to make it stop, and in the case of the U.S., travel advisories should be put in place identifying the United States as a dangerous country for people of African descent.   

As concerned Canadians, we want you to denounce these racist murders and demand that President Trump and the Premiers of Canada bring the perpetrators to justice in the U.S. and here in our own backyard.  So far you have been silent on these murders.  Will you stand up and do the right thing, Prime Minister Trudeau?