Cut off funding for the CBC once and for all

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CBC has recently been caught spreading inaccurate information about Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre. According to a statement by the MP, the "CBC attacked my wife, saying she only has a career [because] of me. Check the facts."

A simple fact check on the matter reveals that CBC, did in fact, get the story wrong. 

But, this is not the first time CBC has been caught lying and spreading disinformation.

One notable example, is when CBC was found guilty of defaming and spreading inaccurate information about CNQ. 

Additionally, in another notable example, CBC was found guilty and ordered to pay hefty damages to two Cardiologists who were inaccurately portrayed in an investigative report.

This petition is directed at Justin Trudeau, and is demanding that he make steps to Defund the CBC, and use the over $1,000,000,000.00 of taxpayer dollars for something that actually helps people.

Petition started by Toronto Today