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Condemn US aggression against Syria, and do not participate

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Recently, the United States government, under the orders of the Trump administration, has committed an unwarranted act of military aggression against the sovereign government of Syria. They attempted to justify this attack using the recent chemical incident in the country, claiming that the Syrian Government was responsible, despite having no evidence, and without waiting for the UN to investigate. This attack on Syrian military forces directly benefits Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda in Syria), and ISIS, as their main opponents have now been weakened. This attack also harm's relations with Russia, and risks international conflict. Should a war occur, thousands more Syrians will die, and the terrorist organizations currently retreating will have an opportunity to gain strength once again. These potential deaths, and the possibility of such a war, are unacceptable, both for Syrians, and for soldiers who may be sent to die in a war that will only be harmful for the future.

We the undersigned, call upon the Canadian Government to state their condemnation of the unprovoked attack against a sovereign nation, and to refuse to participate in the rumored US Coalition, which may form in an effort to oust President Assad. It was the ouster of Saddam Hussein (as evil as he was) that resulted in the creation of ISIS. We cannot repeat that mistake in an era where terror effects us more than ever. 

Canada has always supported peacekeeping, and aimed to prevent wars. It should be no different when the United States is the one committing acts of aggression. Our condemnation would send a strong message to the world that such actions, made without reason, are not okay. We can set an example for our allies in Europe and across the world, and deny the Trump Administration the Coalition it needs to destroy another country, leaving a broken nation the likes of Libya in its wake. We can help prevent future terrorists from rising, and condemning this US attack is where we start. 

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