Class Action Suit Against Extortion & Collusion

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Tim Gileo is the founder of the field service management system, FSMS this is a health, safety and environmental program that was developed beginning in 2003.
As early as 2009 the founders of the Operating under Anchor Communication Inc was actively promoting safety and environmental stewardship to the oil and gas and government heads, workers compensation boards and industry major producers and the leading associations in Canada the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, CAPP.

Currently the interest of Field Service Management System, FSMS is held by Big T's Holdings Inc. 
The industry through its association with government in cooperation and collusion has utilized the intellectual property the FSMS in training industry supply services business in the safety plan developer course since as early as 2009.

Big T's Holding Inc maintains the offering through the collusion of government and industry is a criminal extortion and has offered the industry through CAPP and the government the opportunity to challenge the veracity of the companies claims.

Through the investigations of the unauthorized use of the intellectual property and the activities of the founders the information and wanton disrespect for life and the environment has included the Prime Ministers Office of Canada, the Prime Minister Trudeau, the Natural Resource Ministry the Minister Sohi, The office of the Attorney Generals the Justice Ministry and Minister Lametti, among other ministers and ministry which was finalized by a small claims suit, between the listed individuals and ministry and Big T's Holding Inc. 
File # 22760, Dawson Creek registry, the current status is the government has defaulted as of this writing by failing to address the issue even though the plaintive provided a draft copy of the complaint 30 days in advance of filing and used the government mail bag to insure prompt delivery.

It is in all fairness the inclusion of former Attorney General and Justice minister Judy Wilson-Raybould inclusion as possible witness that may have limited the actions of the government.

The reason for the go fund me is in part to allow the fight for justice to continue but also to limit the cost to the service industry devastated by the activities in the oil and gas industry and the extortion by the industry.

Big T's Holdings Inc. The  legal owners of the Field Service Management System, FSMS has provided notice to the industry and government that it is our intention to order the service and supply business those existing and those that have been forced out of business to pay to Big T's Holdings Inc. a licence fee for every year the business operated a safety program voluntarily identified as the certificate of recognition program or one if the lessor programs identified as , COR/MECOR/SECOR.
Having identified the extortion and collusion between government and the comparative strength of engaging these forces the last thing the owners of the intellectual property want is to harm the workers and business further.
In lieu of the current years licencing fee and a suspension of litigation Big T's Holdings Inc. Is offering inclusion in a class action suit for the extortion as evidenced by the action we have set out in the letter to industry and government. Currently the effect of the criminal extortion under lies a greater propensity by government and industry to ignore convention and the public interest and provide interest to the corporatocracy and corruption that effects us all.
 The relationship between FSMS and the class action is to limit the harm the criminal activity of industry and government on the supply/ service business that the extortion has harmed the most by providing them recourse. Likewise it is the adaptation of the FSMS by which its design made the industry accountable resource development and the regulatory bodies to vessels of the citizens once again where the application of laws specific to The Criminal Liability Of Organizations Act, Canadian Criminal Code 217.1.

The information is known and shared among the various governments the list includes my local MLA Mike Bernier, Peace river south, my MP Bob Zimmer, Prince George, Peace river, Rocky mountain, The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and the top 64 oil and gas companies, 637 officers and directors of the same, the White House Administration of President Trump.

The Premiers office Alberta, The Premiers office of Saskatchewan, The Premiers office of BC, Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, Workers Compensation Board of Saskatchewan, Work safe BC. This list has been subject to a mailing list specific to the allegations in lieu of the
industry rejecting an offer to reinstate the application of FSMS as it
was designed for the application reducing industry liability applied brought on by the legal liabilities of organizations act. Whereby the industry safety and environment and liabilities would be negated by accountability and the paid for by the increased efficiency. Rather than the FSMS becoming a vessel along with the government collusion to create and maintain a criminal extortion one of two serious enough that as identified by the communication dated August 25th 2019 including industry communications dated July 14 2019 and emails to CAPP dated August 17th and 19th, 2019 respectively.

The founder will provide a video of the activity but due the 17 years of activity and 4 decades of involvement with the industry the majority of the information will be released to the public through the youtube channel listed, which will begin airing the first week of September to provide media reference material as well as citizen reporting. This will be a segmented descriptive format so as to enlighten as many individuals to "The Rest Of The Story."

Media release is pending which will be prior to the closing of the Offering Memorandum Currently before the Industry Membership of CAPP.

The offering Memorandum is a offer for the purchase of part of the intellectual property identified as the Field Service Management System, FSMS with conditions which are subject to adaptations of the features and benefits , the tracking of and accountability of all participants in industry with real-time monitoring of environmental and safety related operations. The end of private ownership and or singular control by industry which through proxy organizations and faux services manipulate and negate the possibility of a positive industry application and awareness of the environment and safety. 

To achieve these goals we are eating an elephant and be it possible one bite at a time the reality is whether you support the oil and gas industry or are against pipelines if we do not mass together to eat this elephant your environment and your freedom and ability fight for your rights as a citizen will continue to be eroded.

We are asking the oil and gas service and supply industry to stand with us the environmental lobbies to support the end of the collusion with government industry and the foreign ownership and special tax treaties that rape the nation. We are offering an incentive that having established a price on May 23rd 2018 and again on October 4th 2018 with the industry for 35,000.00 per annum that the FSMS has without any challenge from the Industry the legal right to charge for the use of the intellectual services even though the parties may not have known they were engaging in a criminal activity.
The potential which is devastating to the service and supply sector and would force many legal actions all capable of being addressed through a small claims action but would in many cases force the bankruptcy and business closure of a wounded industry.
Instead as the industry is fond of punitive measures when challenged the worst of which you might imagine is not just financial ruin we Big T's Holdings Inc. are providing or attempting to provide cover for the remaining supply and service businesses and their workers and recidivism for those that are no longer in business.
This cover is in lieu of legal action the parties join the class action suit as it applies to the extortion and then again as it applies to the involuntary inclusion in a criminal undertaking and we provide licencing as needed. Then again as it involves other extortion we have identified as need be until we have effected real safety and environmental stewardship not just administrative faux safety that we all identify as manipulated and manufactured as need dictates. 

The Rest Of The Story, while we await the Closing of the Offering Memorandum and to give the Government time to respond on a provincial level will focus on the cause and effect. The various effects that the theft of the FSMS allowed through investigations to uncover from the suggested use of the NAFTA trade agreements Chapter 11 to cripple a nation to the transfer of the criminal extortion system into America where the application is potentially a RICO violation and carries many years prison. The use of Potential Use of Canadian oil and gas companies and the utilities in cases of potential money laundering that triggered investigations that exposed Canada as the money laundering center of the western world along with collusion with government, drug dealing and involvement with international criminal organizations.

 Until the media release which is anticipated for around the September 11, 2019 this will initially involve the mail out on about the 31st of August for American media and the 3rd of September for Canadian media, this accounts for mailing delays.

For 17 years we have fought the elephant we resisted selling out or being silenced on numerous occasions it has cost many of us more than any of you are being asked to give but it is time that the citizens stand up and support the movement because this is bigger than just the singular operation of a criminal enterprise engaged in extortion and corruption between industry and government this is the corporate welfare and take over of the country and the reason your taxes are so high, your roads and infrastructure falling apart and the social safety net is failing. 
We are exposing the government and bureaucracy that has forgotten who the people are and we have and continue to pay the price, now we seek your help or at the least your attention by  as we share what we have learned so you will know "The Rest Of The Story".

If you have read this far and think government the bureaucrats and industry are not in bed ask yourself about the abandoned well programs environmental impact and severe under funding or who is watching the watchers when sites and road access is denied. When industry and government collude to limit access to the peoples land we are the crown but they do so under the guise of environment and animal welfare but the argument does not stand up to scrutiny and they limit debate you either revolt or lay-down, the time to join the fight is here and now.  

Tim Gileo
Big T's Holdings Inc.