Cancel Animal Agriculture

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If we are closing down all schools, gyms, community centres, restaurants and businesses, why aren’t we closing down all slaughterhouses, factory farms and wildlife markets? Since COVID-19 is an animal-borne virus, these places are breeding grounds for infectious bacteria and it’s only a matter of time before the next pandemic is upon us if we don’t learn from this. This is extremely urgent.

Zoonotic diseases are caused by harmful germs like viruses, bacterial, parasites, and fungi. Scientists estimate that more than 6 out of every 10 known infectious diseases in people can be spread from animals, and 3 out of every 4 new or emerging infectious diseases in people come from animals.

We have no choice but to learn from this and big changes need to happen if we want to sustain all life on earth. China banned the wildlife trade (a 74 billion dollar industry) overnight. We need to cancel animal ag across the globe for the longevity of humanity. Again, this is extremely urgent.

From Tiffany Brook Meyer - “Looking at all that is going on, I find that the saddest thing of all, is the disconnect. We really don’t get how we got here and we refuse to accept the measures that will protect us from future outbreaks as bad or worse than covid-19.
The fact is, that this was caused by our need and greed to control, exploit and destroy other species. If anyone thinks that the way we raise and slaughter animals is any better than how other cultures do, I would suggest visiting an egg laying facility, a slaughterhouse, a commercial dairy or fur farm. Maybe while you are house bound, you could even look up some videos or documentaries on the subject as there are many. It is especially sad and disturbing, that even now, people are stockpiling meat and searching on how to get more. A local butcher is reaching out to people to reassure them, that more meat will be available. This also tells me that the meat industry is being encouraged to slaughter more animals. Do you think this increase is making conditions in the abattoirs better? The people who work in these places are usually a marginalized group struggling within our system. The conditions are unsafe and unsanitary under the best circumstances.
The CDC and WHO has warned for years, that the worst pandemics will come from animal agriculture as we have already seen in the past, that they have.
Here we are, at an incredible crossroads. We are being given, yet another chance to change our behavior and culture. And our response is to clean out the meat aisles and demand more.
This is really the biggest tragedy.