Canadian Nurses Deserve Hazard Pay For Pandemics

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I am writing to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu, to request that front-line health care providers, in particular nurses, receive hazard pay for the Covid-19 pandemic as a federal government incentive. As front-line providers, nurses have an essential role in the prevention, detection and treatment of illness. This is a job that already has inclusive risks and stress on a daily basis.

During a new viral pandemic, such as Covid-19, there is limited information. The limited information not only furthers the daily risks associated with our work but also increases stress as nurses adapt to constantly changing work environments. Nurses are facing a viral war, and we are asking that we receive hazard pay just as those deployed to a physical war would receive. Nursing during a pandemic is the definition of hazardous. Nurses are risking their health and safety caring for members of our communities who are symptomatic, or even more dangerously so, those that are not. Not only does this pose a risk to the provider themselves, but as well those with families, roommates and partners. With limited information on the evolving pandemic, there are increased stressors such as lack of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), costs associated with driving to work due to limiting public interaction and the potential transmission of Covid-19 to family members. When considering PPE, the PPE being worn by our health care professionals is bare bones in comparison to the PPE being worn in Wuhan, China. 

Nurses are showing up for the public, and I am asking that there be financial compensation for this increased risk and stress. Nurses are risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We know this viral pandemic is killing healthcare providers, both young and old. We know that nurses are quarantining from their families in this stressful time for fear of infecting them. We know this is causing psychological distress. 

Please sign this petition for your local nurses. We are asking for the federal government to compensate nurses for hazardous situations. 

***I would also like to NOTE all essential services deserve hazard pay. However, for now I decided to write this petition to be inclusive of nurses only as that's my expertise. I am willing to work with other front-line workers to add this petition to or create their own to support each other. We all deserve hazard pay***