Canada should condemn massacre of Iranian protesters

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Following an overnight abrupt raise in fuel prices, protesters sweeping the streets in more than 100 cities in Iran faced a brutal response from the security forces which has left hundreds killed so far. Iranian government has also shut down internet access to 80 million Iranians across the country thus leaving the international community, Iranian diaspora and specifically hundreds of thousands of Iranian-Canadians in a total distressful bewilderment as to what is actually happening to their family and friends back in Iran.

Hereby, we the undersigned, call on the government of Canada to act responsibly by issuing a statement asking the Iranian government to immediately:

1_ Stop brutal massacre of the protesters.

2_ Provide internet access to 80 million Iranians.

We also ask government of Canada to start a task force analyzing technical possibilities to circumvent the internet blackout or other alternatives of providing internet access to Iranians in case Iranian government refuses to do so.

Best regards