Bring Nexplanon to Canada

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Nexplanon is an implanted method of birth control that is over 99% effective. It's available in 86 other countries such as the United States, Australia, and Europe. It is very effective and common amongst european teens, as it is small and lasts 3-5 years. For people who have trouble taking a pill on a regular basis and for teens/people who aren't comfortable with an IUD. It will decrease the amount of unplanned/accidental pregnancies. It's only one hormone and is easily reversible, does not affect fertility and you can get pregnant as soon as you get it removed. The only reason it's not available in Canada, is because the clinical trials do not meet Health Canada's standards. Not only will Nexplanon be helpful for teenagers like me, who get wrapped up in a busy life, it will help countless other women who cannot take estrogen, are not comfortable with an IUD, and for people who have trouble remembering to take their pill everyday. The statistics and review from women all over speaks for itself, and even if you don't use birth control, help protect fellow females!