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Alex is a beautiful and sweet 3 year old boy who was abducted by his father, Armen Avansi, and taken to Armenia, far away from his mother, Tammy Chan, who has desperately been trying to reunite with Alex for the past 6 months.

Tammy and Armen separated in 2016, and have been involved in a custody battle over Alex since then. On April 18th, 2018 Tammy's nightmare began, few weeks shy of receiving the final custody verdict....

Tammy was on her way to pick up Alex from an overnight visit with Armen when she received a text message from Armen telling her and he has taken Alex to Armenia. At first he evaded her by telling her that he is only on vacation for a week, which turned to 2 weeks, then 4...eventually she knew he was not coming back.

Armen had abducted Alex.

He was taken without his mother's knowledge or permission. A few weeks later, Tammy was awarded sole custody of Alex, and yet she and her child were separated by thousands of miles, with her ex husband making terrifying threats to Tammy via text message, warning her “not to contact anybody as it might make it dangerous”.

Uprooting her life to fight to get her child back, Tammy is now in Armenia, fighting the court system to try and have her custody order recognized and to rightfully be reunited with her son. After 5 months of applying to the courts, she finally received court appointed visitation with her son.  When she is able to exercise her right to visit Alex, it is in the confinement of Armen's apartment and always under the supervision of Armen and Armen's parents. 

Alex still remains in Armenia, 6 months later, far away from what he knows, his family, and his home.

We, Tammy’s family and friends, alongside this courageous and selfless mother are fighting to get the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada’s attention to help us bring Alex back to his home in Canada, where he rightfully and lawfully belongs, with his mother.

Please sign and share our petition to urge the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada, to intervene and assist with bringing Alex and Tammy home!

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

Please join us in our fight to #bringalexhome