Bring Afghan Sikhs to Canada

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Sikhism in Afghanistan is limited to small populations. Many Sikhs leave home everyday to go to work and say goodbye as if it is for the last time, unsure if they will make it back home safely in a country where they face daily harassment and violence. Afghanistan was once home to thousands of Sikhs. Currently there are no more than 300 Sikh families in the entire country. In 2018, there was a suicide bombing in Jalalabad killing at least 19 people, majority of them being a part of the country's Sikh minority. Among those that were killed was Avtar Singh Khalsa, the only Sikh candidate running in the then-upcoming parliamentary election. Although Sikh's do not want to leave and give their country a bad name it is not safe. The 2018 suicide bombing only being one example of the violence Sikhs are facing in their lives. In March of 2020 there was an attack on a gurdwara where the gunman shot and killed 25 people, later an explosive device disrupted a funeral service for the same 25 Sikhs. Although no one was injured during the bombing it made it very difficult for the mourners to continue with the cremation and prayers. If we can achieve what we want to, Sikhs in Afghanistan can live a life where they don't have to worry about not making it home every time they step out of their house. We want them to be welcomed into Canada and feel at home here knowing it is a safer environment. The Canadian government usually steps up when something is violating any human rights, we don't want this to be an exception. In March of 2019 Manmeet Singh Bhullar's vision of the arrival of the first Afghan Sikh and Hindu refugees in Canada came true, we want this to be a continuation of what he started. If we can't do what we want then the Sikh population in Afghanistan will continue to live in terror of what tomorrow has in store for them. We are not accusing any group of people, we are trying to share with as many people as we can that Sikhs deserve more protection than they are receiving. Anyone can help, anyone who is willing to find a better solution, a way to help all those Sikhs who need it.

We understand that there will always be Sikhs in Afghanistan, because for most it is their home. We want the Sikh children in Afghanistan to get the same opportunities as a child in Canada would. We want to start by helping those that need it most. The main focus of this petition at this time is for the Sikh youth who have lost their parents. We urge the Canadian government to create a program in which Sikh children in Afghanistan who have lost their parents have a better future to look forward to.