BAN animal testing in canada

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animal testing needs to end. every year, over 100 MILLION animals die from cruel experiments, those animals include rats, mice, pigs, kangaroos, cats, dogs, bunnies, monkeys, hamsters, guinea pigs, cows, birds, fish, etc... animal testing is when LIVE ANIMALS are experimented on. animal experiments include horrific things like injecting or force feeding animals  with potentially harmful substances, exposing animals to radiation, surgically removing animals organs or tissues to PURPOSELY cause damage, forcing animals to inhale toxic gases, and putting animals in frightening situations to cause/create anxiety and depression. the animals are put in small, cold, empty cages and are sometimes forced to watch the other animals being tortured. after an experiment is finished, they aggressively shove the animal into a small bag, and throw it into the trash. disgusting. if you think this is okay, sorry but you need mental help. it’s 2019, this needs to stop immediately. animals deserve just as much respect as humans do, period.