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We have a logistical problem and it is a big one! 

Today Canadian Lebanese are feeling helpless unless providing dollars to Lebanon.  We all watched from our screens and devices in horror as Beirut exploded on August 4, 2020 and we all are in a panic to help any which way we can.

But, Canada does not have an air corridor set up between Canada and Lebanon making it very difficult to contribute in ‘ground zero’ efforts other than in donations. 

Our CALL TO ACTION is for Canada to approve and deploy a military cargo aircraft for a humanitarian mission, carrying aid from Canada to the people of Lebanon.  

Today Lebanese Canadians from coast to coast to coast are desperate and want to feel useful and help fill the need in medical supplies, equipment, and goods.  We also want to feel that genuinely Canada stands with the Lebanese in their time of need.

We want Canadians to put pressure on the Government of Canada to allow a direct humanitarian mission to Lebanon to reach our families and loved ones.

Canadians want to join in contributing to the relief efforts happening now. 

Please sign this petition requesting a humanitarian flight to leave from Canada to Lebanon or via another country.