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Allow ordinary Canadians to comment on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal

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The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, negotiated by the former Harper Conservative government in total secrecy, involves 12 nations from around the Pacific Rim and, over and beyond purely trade issues, it also addresses such things as Internet freedoms; changes in the pharmaceutical industry and therefore in health care management; and, nation-building efforts such as our CBC and postal service.

The Harper government signed off on the TPP shortly before election day.

Meanwhile, the Canadian public still doesn't have any real idea of what the impact of the negotiated deal will be for our economy, social fabric, health management, environmental regulations, etc. What real information has been made available about the TPP are documents leaked by Wikileaks and those documents raise serious concerns about the impact of the TPP on our Canadian way of life.

Currently, there is no provision for the Canadian electorate to have a say in whether it wants the deal. As reported today in the Hill Times publication,
"the government will ultimately table the treaty in the House of Commons, before it is ratified by Cabinet, with a 21-day waiting period for MPs to review its details, and the chance for an opposition motion and non-binding vote". However, we the so-called little people are the ones to be really affected by the fall-out from the TPP and I believe it is very undemocratic to not allow us to be involved in the decision making.

I would like the new government of Canada, led by the Honourable Justin Trudeau, to allow the electorate to comment on this deal. A referendum would be ideal, but costly. However, at the least, don't rush the approval through Parliament and allow, local MPs more than 21 days so they can hold discussions in their ridings.

Canada, let's start a dialogue about the TPP! Sign this petition if you care about our country and get in touch with your MP.

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