Allow couples to cross Canada-US Borders

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. While quarantine has brought many families together, it has tore me away from the person I love the most. When the border closed for the first time on March 20th I was heartbroken but I was hopeful. Hopeful that this would be over soon so could go back to travelling to the America day after day for a few hours with my boyfriend, my world. As I sit here almost three months later I am devastated. 

When I met Ryan I never thought he would have as big of an impact on my life as he did. Nobody had ever made me happy like he does, nobody had ever cared for me the  way he does. We spent as much time as our busy schedules would allow us to together travelling back and forth from Canada to the US. When this was taken away from me my world stopped, this is the kind of hurt nothing can fix and time only makes worse. While some would say he is only my boyfriend, to me he is much more than that, he is my family he is my everything. Family should not be a legality when you care about someone so much. 

This is the case for many couples separated by the Canada- US border but the government fails to notice this as puts every person crossing the border in the category of recreation and tourism when this is simply not the case. If you've ever loved someone and couldn't imagine being without them please sign and share this petition.