All Essential Service Providers Deserve COVID-19 Hazard Pay

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All essential service providers that MUST work through the global pandemic Covid-19 deserve a hazard pay. They cannot simply walk away from being an essential service employee. 

While measures are in place for workers that have been shut down during the pandemic, essential service providers cannot stop. They provide electricity, gas, water, food, healthcare, protection and telecommunications to the public and are not being properly compensated. 

They are given instructions to screen clients as well as provided gloves/hand sanitizer and for some masks. Others don't get masks or aren't allowed to wear masks to avoid panicking the public. But the high risk is still there! 

So please sign the petition, help make the governing bodies provide a hazard pay to the hard working Canadians keeping this country informed, in touch with loved ones across the globe, fed, medically cared for and living comfortably in this terribly uncertain time. 

Thank you and together we can make a difference.