Alexandra Morton for DFO Director of Wild Salmon

Alexandra Morton for DFO Director of Wild Salmon

3,172 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!

Why this petition matters

Started by tom mcdongh

Alexandra Morton for Director of Wild Salmon

Tell the Minister of Fisheries that Canadians demand that DFO create a new position – Director of Wild Salmon Pacific Region and name Alexandra Morton.

I am a commercial fisherman. At a recent meeting I listened to DFO tell us how bad things are, which I already knew. Then Alexandra Morton spoke and told us how to bring salmon back. 

She was very specific. Using a new scientific tool that reads the salmon’s immune system like a computer diagnostic on your car, we can learn what is killing salmon and where and get to work on removing those bottlenecks. When we are done, we can ask salmon if we made it better or not.


I have never heard this before – here is her Tedx talk on this

Whether you are a fisherman, love whales, love salmon or just love this coast, please consider joining me in signing this letter:

Dear Minister of Fisheries:

2019 was the lowest salmon return to the coast of British Columbia and you have not acknowledged this collapse or made any announcement on your response.

May be the problem is that DFO has 11,500 employees and none of them are responsible for the survival of wild salmon.  This has to change.

I am calling on you to create a new regional director-levelposition – Director of Wild Salmon, Pacific Region which is one of the Cohen Commission recommendations.

And I want you to name Alexandra Morton to this position as she is the only one with a plan to restore salmon to the coast of British Columbia.

As Morton states, this will be good for salmon, everyone who depends on salmon and it will elevate public trust in DFO.  It is time to use everything we know to keep wild salmon alive.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has over 11,000 employees and no one in charge of Wild Salmon. We the fishing industry and the general public think it’s time to put someone credible in charge of the recovery effort to save Canada’s wild salmon before its to late.

3,172 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!