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Please Keep My Husband Here In Canada: Don't Break Apart Our New Family!!

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     On January 25, 2017, my husband, Emmanuel Jaikaran, and I sat down in a room at the International Centre in Missasauga to hear an officer tell us one of the worst news imaginable; that the final decision the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada had made was to issue the deportation of my husband(Trinidad); after already serving 10 months in jail back in 2015. I gave birth to our 24 weeks premature twin boys late November & after having 1 of the 2 pass away right after birth and still having our son fighting for his life currently in the hospitals NICU, my tears wouldn't stay in.

    He is a landed immigrant and has had the status of a permanent resident for many years. He has lived in Canada since the age of 12 and considers this country to be his home. The crime he commited wasn't anything drastic such as commiting bodily harm, rape, or murder. He was charged with having weed and drugs. He has served jail time, has taken and completed programs related to his charges within and outside the facility. There are many people here in the city of Toronto itself, who have committed rapes and murders and have committed much worse crimes, who roam the streets of Toronto. I'm asking that The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen reconsiders this decision and to please give my husband another chance. He is not a threat to Canada and at this point in his life he soley wants to work, provide, and take care of his family.

     My 12 year old stepson, who is currently in grade 7 is drastically affected by this news as well. Once he found out about the decision made, hes been having an extremely difficult time trying to cope. We need the support of him here in Canada: financially, physically(to help with the baby & my stepson teen years), and emotionally. Our baby needs both his parents love, care, and affection. If he were to get deported, it could be possibly another 10 years before he could be sponsored back & thats IF hes accepted. Our son wouldnt know who his father is.

      Please show your support & sign this petition to get The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, Deputy Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, Marta Morgan, and Justin Trudeau to change their mind, to reconsider the decision thats been made!


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