ability to defend ones home with whatever force you decide without being charged criminaly

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the problem i want to resolve is the matter of self defense and the defense of ones home and property from home invasion and criminal elements, in other words, to stop the RCMP and the canadian government from protecting criminals and to not charge anyone for hurting, hospitalizing and or even killing a criminal as a result of being caught in the act of committing a crime on private property, or during a home invasion, in several cases  a homeowner has been charged for killing or injuring a criminal and even in some cases ben sued or charged for a criminal injuring themselves on private property, if a criminal is in the process of committing for example a home invasion then the homeowner has the right to use whatever weapon or force they feel like to deal with the criminal without criminal charges being laid by any branch of the government or police services, the home owner has the right to do whatever he or she sees fit to protect home and property, and not incentivizing criminals to commit crimes against actual victims because the victim is not allowed or is afraid to retaliate because of fear of legal charges later, thereby making the criminal too afraid to commit the crime in the first place.