A demand for accountability and inquiry into racial injustice performed by the RCMP.

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In response to the flash-mob attack on Indigenous peoples and their lobster fishery in Nova Scotia, October 2020, Canadians demand an inquiry into the accountability of the RCMP's response. 

Personally, my respect for our fellow badged Canadians does not waver, but I have no wonder as to why the public of Canada currently has such a growing disdain toward police.

Anyone in Canada may protest and speak their minds, whether their cause is a good one or not. But when you stand down and watch a mob harass an Indigenous peoples group, destroy property, and cause deliberate harm to wildlife by destroying the very harvests they want themselves, you are showing the incompetence and the failures that the current enforcement system in Canada suffers from.

Due to the extreme lack of response in the face of danger, Canadians demand an investigation and possible policy change at the highest level as well as a federal and third-party inquiry, from top to bottom, into who and what is responsible for the continued racial discrimination and decisions made NOT to protect Canadian citizens. Both in this very case and on a separate broader spectrum.

Citizens of Canada deserve to be equally protected by police in the event of immediate danger, not left to fight for ourselves like animals.