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Help Keep Alive

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Cryptic Bread started this petition to CEO Justin Kim and

Sign this petition in order to show Justin & Nick that you are not happy with the way that & The Surviv main discord server are progressing.
There is some information below that has been seen in a Google Docs that got popular.


**Before we start, I am using all this information "without the permission of the people I am mentioning". If you ban someone because of what I say about them, that's just proving my point more, and I will be incredibly disappointed in whoever banned them.**

It's fairly commonly known that the devs don't care too much about the game itself (although seem to be at least putting in effort at the moment), [with updates becoming quite sparse]( and arguably fairly low effort, however, the issues with the survivio team goes much deeper than that.

I pride myself on knowing everything about everyone (and this case every company) and have done quite a bit of research on surviv and the company that technically employees Justin & Nick.

Finances/assets that LLC has. the game has made approximately $1.26 MILLION dollars in the last year. Making close to $3500 a day, over its ~730k hits per day (each game anyone plays is considered a hit). So we need to know that this is (or at least should be) a full time job for Justin & Nick, and some research that a friend and I did show that there may be at least 2 others working with them, but to what extent I can’t be sure. Of course there are expenses with servers, but I think 300k would be the most that they’d ever have to pay amongst their ~9 servers. I’ve now been told that it’s probably in the range of 25-50k by someone who actually knows stuff about servers.  So that’s an even tidy profit that they can do what they want with.

Social Medias that LLC owns and how they’re mismanaging it:  
Instagram: 41.7k followers (Posts approximately twice a month, however has started posting more)
Twitter: 48.9k followers (Posts approximately once a month)
Facebook: 125k people following (Posts approximately once a month)
Youtube: 258k subscribers (Hasn't posted in 11 months)

They are not appropriately using their social medias in order to keep their fans captivated with the game and getting them to come back update after update, or even day after day. Posting once a month I’m sure probably has measurable effects on the numbers of people playing on the servers, and I’m sure if the data were to be released there would be obvious trends when there were new updates, mainly due to there actually being new content, and partially because there was a blast out to the 50k followers on twitter, 125k followers on FB, and 42k followers on IG. Even if there is a 1% increase on players for the day with every post (and that’s probably even lower than it would be), that’s an extra $400. I don’t know about what Justin and Nick do with the money that they are bringing in, but I’d make a post on 3 social medias for $400.

The YouTube thing appalls me the most. There is a direct monetization for YouTube that they don’t seem to be taking advantage of. They average a few hundred thousand views per video that they produce, and with a CPM of 2 (which is probably fairly low for surviv) they would get at least a few hundred dollars. So even if they had to put money in to get someone to make a video, they could get a return of investment, and that’s before we even discuss the 250k people who get reminded that surviv is still a game.

I mean there are so many easy ideas to get people to produce content for practically free, too. Have a contest where people send in clips of people doing high energy, kills with some copyright free music over the top and get a couple thousand views. I’m sure there’s an amateur editor that would do it for free too with a little plug or something like that.

I mean Justin went to school for theater, and Nick went to school for computer science, but this is just basic social media management. It shouldn’t take a first year business student to point this out.

Finally, Discord: 73k people in the server  


**So what’s the real reason I am here in the subreddit?**

If you've had any communication/interaction with the people that run the surviv main discord, you've probably noticed some of the problems. Even if you haven't been banned, you've probably heard stories about people getting banned for rather dumb reasons.

As I described in the last post I made about this 1 month ago: [here](  **Now deleted)

I asked a major question and no one has been able to give me a very good answer:

1) Do you keep adequate logs of what people do, and has a mod ever been confronted about something they may have done wrongly? For me the ban reason said "rebanned after unban", but yet they have no traces of me being banned for the first time. I have speculations that Nobody used this as a way to just get rid of me using a dead end paper trail, but I really can't be for sure. 

Here are some examples of people in the community getting banned for some false or over dramatic reasons:

I myself was banned for "raiding", in which someone said that I had raided their server, and without proof they banned me. And it may not seem like a big deal, but back then there was really no way for me to advertise my clan through the main server, so I wasn't able to advertise my clan anymore. Which I mean in the end of the world, one person getting banned without really a valid reason isn't that big of a deal, but that's not the case in the surviv main. I would say a good portion, at least a quarter, are banned for dumb things.  

Also, technically (if we're going technicality wise), these rules don't really apply to any other servers, just the server itself, you could possibly make a claim about it relating to DMs surrounding the main server, but banning someone because of what happened on another server is an obvious stretch of power. The most hilarious part of it was I asked 3 mods why I got banned, and all 3 of them gave me different reasons.  

The official reason why I was banned according to the bot log was "reban from unban" except there is nothing in the log about me getting either unbanned or banned the first time.

EasyBruh (who I know is sometimes incredibly toxic) was banned from the main server for talking about a server, "dy/dx", aka "circle gang". Proof [here.]( As far as I know, this was without warning, and without really any explanation until after what he had done wrong. You can see here that he was banned even more for "hanging around toxic players" ( Last time I checked, that's not in the rules (if you are banned and need a copy of the rules I can provide them to you. And these are the mods that are "too busy" (according to Eyyy) to have any sort of unban process, but yet they're not too busy to go through everything that everyone does on other servers in order to ban. Also, just an FYI, unbans have "been in discussion" for 4 months now. 

u/randomblobbles was banned for people trying to team with him. Not warned, not muted, banned. First offense.

Thisguy on discord was banned for a similar reason. Now ofc teaming is cheap af and by no means do I promote it, but there are no official rules that prohibit teaming, so I think a warn would have been fair. Then if they were caught teaming again they could be removed from the server.

u/dittoblob13 was falsely banned for "hacking". Which on a technicality the mod who banned him should be banned because cheating accusations are against the rule 2.8.

u/oyster335 got banned for pinging someone 3 times. Getting banned for pinging someone multiple times is absurd. Give him a warning or mute him for a few hours. If he does it again then you can start thinking about a possible ban. By no means am I against banning people if they deserve it (which includes DM advertising), but banning someone immediately for triple pinging someone is a little absurd.

u/blackklightning got banned for making a meme out of joining team greater. In which u/eyyyTheAdventurer said that he had no power to do anything (although he was a mod) and "nobody" (the mod) said that there were no unbans. Which is 1000% false because I know of people who have been unbanned. *Edit*: Blacklightning got unbanned.

u/notmercu was banned for being a mod in a server that he no longer went into. Since when is being a mod in another server a punishable offense? Even if the server was the most toxic discord server that had ever been created, it’s not fair to generalize everyone as toxic and ban everyone from it. Besides, it was Nick & Justin at the beginning of clans that said they didn't want to get into clan drama. 

An account named Sofia (with some numbers at the end) got banned because they kept changing something about their profile and spamming the mod change log.

I estimate that ~100 people were banned for having ">" in their name signifying that they were in a clan called Team Greater. This clan was a pretty despicable clan, but last time I checked having ">" in a name isn't against the rules. Also, mods have the ability to change names if they needed to, so that’s not really a valid excuse. Although this may sound a little extreme, this is persecution because they are in a certain group.

Think about it this way: they banned an entire group because they believed that they all thought the same way. That they were all willing to engage in something potentially dangerous towards the surviv community. That all members of team greater were toxic and willing to do something that the surviv server mods deemed against the rules. 

Some noticeable people include: Mercu, soapi, Oce4nboy, _nubb, no raptor, nachoking, bubba, arsenic, metal. Most of these are fairly big names in the surviv community.

As a clan owner, it is incredibly dangerous for us to say anything in the surviv server. If I was to say something and get banned (or just get banned out of the blue randomly) I lose one of the main ways to advertise, through the main server clan advertising channel. I noticed as soon as I was banned from the server and no longer allowed to post my clan link, my server nearly entirely stopped growing. Word of mouth can only attract a certain amount of people before you have to get permission to advertise somewhere.

By no means is this a death sentence for a clan, but it makes it incredibly difficult.

The inherent problem about the way that the server is banning is that it is banning its most loyal fans. Those who actually speak in the server are most likely the ones that play often and are part of the surviv community. Banning those who are active in the community is a great way to kill off the community.

I can just change the rules for you if you want. 

5.0 **We can and will ban you just for the sake of it, and you can’t really do anything about it.**
5.1 Any mention of the character > or team greater will result in instant ban. Also talking about derivatives is banned. We the surviv mods have never taken calculus, so Dy/Dx and such formulas scare us. Math is hard, numbers are scary.
5.2 Any mention of the number combination 1337 (we might ban you for just one of those numbers either, idk feeling kinda cute rn)
5.3 We might just ban you for hacking just cuz. We won’t ever try to fix the hacking, and we don’t really need proof that you’re hacking. 
5.4 Big servers aren’t allowed to advertise. They’re toxic, all of them. If you have more than 150 members, don’t even bother asking, you’re toxic and we’ll just ban you.
5.5 Some servers have already been shadow banned from the server, some of the largest ones such as cosmic, Dy/Dx (aka circle gang), Team Greater, probably a couple more, we’ll let you guess. Any mention of these servers is an automatic ban. Others have been straight up banned, joining those servers will result in you getting banned, however we’re not going to tell you what those servers are, it’s like Russian roulette.
5.6 No unbans. If we make a mistake, it’s your fault.
5.7 We’re busy banning, stop asking us for dumb stuff like unbans or warns or to discuss some sort of injustice.

Overall we’re using our “common sense”. We’re right, you’re wrong. Even if we’re wrong, we’re actually right.

Also, the devs “frequently visit” the subreddit according to Eyyy (aka they come on here when there is a major update and occasionally to steal memes in order to post on IG).
Have any concerns, comments or questions? You can put them down here or you can message me on discord (I accept all friend requests so we can talk) CrypticBread2#9262.

Thanks for reading my essay.

TL;DR: Mods in the server are banning people for no reason and it’s destroying the surviv community. Justin & Nick are mismanaging their marketing/social media and it is causing for a quicker decline/no increase of players.

Since allowing editing got chaotic, message me if you have constructive criticism.

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