Justices of the Philippines Supreme Court: Approve the Reproductive Health Bill

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The Reproductive Health Bill that so many people have voiced their support for, and that is so desperately needed in the Philippines, has finally been approved!

However the continued influence of the Catholic Church has stalled the implementation of this very important legislation - with the Philippines Supreme Court suspending the law. Meanwhile mothers living in poverty in the Philippines continue to struggle to feed their growing family and without the implementation of the Reproductive Health Bill and no access to free contraceptives, the future for these mothers and their children looks bleak.

This important legislation will prevent many unwanted pregnacies, as well as illegal and dangerous "backstreet" abortions, and mothers and families will be healthier and have a better standard of living. 

According to an article by Manini Sheker for the Guardian, “Over 80% of Filipinos back the bill and the country’s president has openly declared his support.” Yet this legislation has continuously been stalled for well over a decade, and this delay has had a huge impact on the health and social development of many poor communities across the country. The same article also states that “Every day, 10 women in the Philippines die while giving birth, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The number of street children swells as pregnancies abound every year – many of them unwanted and unplanned. Clandestine abortions are also common in a country where abortion remains illegal.”

In another Guardian article Sheker writes about a local woman’s experiences and why she is hopeful that the Reproductive Health Bill will help women in the Philippines. ““I have two children,” she says, but her last three pregnancies resulted in “miscarriages”, a euphemism here for an abortion. “I had to,” she explains. It was not an easy decision, but she knew that she could not afford another mouth to feed.” The same article stated that “According to the Guttmacher Institute, nearly 1,000 women in the Philippines die every year because of unsafe abortions and many thousands more are admitted into hospitals because of abortion-related complications.”
The approval of the Reproductive Health Bill by the Government is a huge win for women’s and child health in the country. If the R.H. bill is finally implemented, public health facilities would provide access to family planning services and would provide them for free to the poor, reproductive health and sex education would also be provided as well as emergency obstetric services. In the long-term the whole country would benefit from the R.H. bill, with a more sustainable and healthier population, fewer children having to live on the streets, and better living standards.

Sign the petition and urge the Justices of the Philippines Supreme Court to allow the implementation of the Reproductive Health Bill.

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