#JusticeForVader (Murdered Pitty)

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Vader's Murder took place on May 28th, 2017

Here is his mom's account of what happened. More info will be added within the next few days...please sign and share.

Okay here it goes to all my friends and family that know me and have been following my posts my sweet baby was shot and killed Sunday night I was bringing the dogs in for the night when people were letting fireworks off and I brought them one by one into their crates I thought I had locked all the crates apparently I only locked the top of Vader's crate he is an escape artist and must have found his way out in the one minute that it took me to walk to the back yard and grab my other dog felon which is in a run because he's aggressive to the other dogs. When I came into the garage to put the dog in his crate I noticed that Vader's crate was unlocked and I immediately grabbed my leash and ran around the block like a crazy person looking for him screaming his name and whistling I looked for about a minute when I realized he had got a little further than I anticipated I got my car keys and started driving around looking for him. I went around the cul-de-sac and I encountered two men I asked if they had seen my dog and I got the answer of no we haven't seen him so I said Thank you and left I made a left turn out of the cul-de-sac because something told me to. I didn't even make the turn yet when I seen Vader just sitting there like a good boy next to a field by my house. I was on the opposite side of him so I told him to stay that I was coming to get him. I made a u-turn and came back and I mediately knew that something was wrong when I got close enough to see that Vader's mouth was bleeding. I immediately exited my vehicle and went to my son's Aid. I picked him up and I told him let's go baby and I put him in the car as soon as I picked him up I can feel the blood running down my arm at first I thought he had been hit. I drove around like a crazy person looking for every single veterinarian in Moreno Valley that was possibly open after driving around for 10 minutes with no vets that were open I stopped on my brother's house because I had a dead cell phone with me and I begged for help. My brother and his wife came outside and carried Vader out of my car and we realize that he had been shot. My brother was on the phone frantically looking for a close enough 24-hour veterinarian's office that can help my dog live they were already expecting us the closest one was Arlington Animal Hospital on Van Buren and Arlington in Riverside California. I picked Vader back up put him on my lap laid him on my chest and tried to plug the hole as best as I could and wrapped him in a blankey. My sister was hitting 100 miles per hour on the freeway trying to get Vader to a vet. My sweet boy passed away as soon as we interchanged on the 91 freeway.