We want Instagram to permanently ban a user called druggie bechara who post's defamatory

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We want Instagram to issue a permanent ban on a user named as Druggie Bechara who promotes not only drugs but also defames Late Shri Sushant Singh Rajput. The user continuously defames and insults Shri Sushant Singh Rajput even after his demise naming him as a drug addict and a criminal and what not. Not only that the user even abuses his family and promotes drugs and uses fake morphed picture's of Sushant and post defamatory content. Our appeal to Instagram is to completely ban this account. This account has been reported by more than 1K users but still no action has been taken till date Therefore we want quick action against this person and he should be removed completely from Instagram. All his accounts associated to his device must be banned since they too can post such shameless defamatory content on a person whp was Passed away. We want immediate action and complete ban of this user and all its associated accounts.