May 1, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation state, “after Nugget nipped at 2 year old Ensley - Eason sprang up, grabbed the dog by the throat and slammed it on the ground.

The beating and execution of Jenelle Evans French bulldog Nugget was so intense that Eason was covered in blood after finishing off the lifeless animal. We are told Eason began beating the dog inside the house, allegedly hitting it in the throat and throwing the French bulldog into a kitchen table.”

After the killing, he bragged about it on social media, and when his wife Jenelle made a post about the saddness she feels because of the death of her dog - he wrote on Twitter (which he recently deleted), “You are supposed to stand by for everything I do!!”

They have another dog, who we believe is in danger. We have obtained many disturbing videos and screenshots that highlight his erratic behavior, and we need to push Animal Control to take action.

This dog needs to be taken from him, and animal cruelty charges filed for this brutal killing of Nugget. We need to send a message to others and those who think behavior like this is acceptable, that it is not.

He could have taken the dog to a shelter, or rehomed her. Instead he shot and killed her, for nipping his daughter in the face. The incident was a minor event, not a dog attack, and left a slight red impression on her cheek.

Please call:
Columbus County Animal Control: (910) 641-3945
Columbus County District Attorney: (910) 641-4410
Columbus County Sherrif’s Office: (910) 642-6551

Demanding that action be taken, the remaining dog taken into protective custody, and animal cruelty charges filed. Please sign and share the petition.

#JusticeForNugget #StopAnimalAbuse @animalhopeinlegislation @mtv @easondavid88

Support now
Signatures: 458,272Next Goal: 500,000
Support now