The 2nd Degree Violent Murderer #309305 of Nicole Sanchez should not be paroled

The 2nd Degree Violent Murderer #309305 of Nicole Sanchez should not be paroled

May 6, 2022
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Parole Board Committee for Prisoner #309305 Michigan Department of Corrections
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Started by Andrea Henning

On September 26th, 1999 my beautiful, 17 year old baby sister was murdered by her then boyfriend. After 4 months in a possessive, controlling relationship, Nicole had decided enough was enough that day and planned to leave. That decision fatally cost her own life. With one single bullet wound to her body, her life on earth was over and the next time my parents saw her was to identify her body. She was violently taken from this world. Her offender does not deserve a life to restart of his own. 

The monster who took her life was sentenced to 20 years for second degree murder and an additional 2 years for a weapons charge in a Michigan prison. His 22 years is now complete and the Michigan Department of Corrections sent me a letter this past week stating his hearing to deny or grant his release is set on 6/9/22. 
This is not ok. He brutally took her life out of rage that she was no longer his, assaulting her verbally and physically as the last words he yelled out to her before pulling the trigger was “if I can’t have you, no one else will”. He then proceeded to end her life with a point blank gunshot wound in a very sensitive female part of the body. 
My little sister’s last moments in life were spent desperately trying to fend off her attacker and she lost that struggle. She did not deserve to die over a relationship break up. Her life was not his to take. Nicole, an animal lover, had dreams of becoming a veterinarian one day. She confided in me when we were young that she hoped to one day have a daughter when she was older and she would name her Charlotte, so that I could call her “Charlie”. She was a gifted artist and talented singer winning many local talent shows. She loved music and drawing, taking care of her little sisters who were only 2 and 4 at the time. Her smile was unforgettable and her laughter was contagious, she was quite a jokester and loved playful prank wars. Prior to her death she was recently baptized and attending Bible study group. April 22, 2022 would’ve been her 40th birthday.

17 years of memories is all we have left. Decades of memories and milestones to come were wiped away from Nicole, her parents, our family and friends in mere seconds of pure evil, anger and aggression.

Michigan Prisoner #309305  does not deserve a second chance to live with freedom after such a vile act of murder. My sister was not given a second chance, she had no say in her future at his hands, he was intent to silence her forever. He is a great potential liability to our community in risk and danger to women. A retired corrections officer recently reached out to me and stated- “violent prisoners like that aren’t rehabilitated, they are hardened.” This is terrifying to know as a parent, a woman, as the sister of a murdered loved one because of a brutal, possessive man. 

During this upcoming hearing, my family is being encouraged to speak out in a statement to the parole board, my father and I are doing just that. Obviously we are campaigning for his release to be denied. Our hearts ache so much and each of us, my parents, siblings and I have our own traumas over her death even after all this time. A denial in his release would provide him a guaranteed 5 more years behind bars and a new review for the same process once those 5 years are served.

That letter I received last week also stated we are able to send in any written letters to the parole board, ahead of the hearing for review, on Nicole’s behalf. The hearing will be held electronically on June 9th and will be open to the public. However, because we are not able to attend physically in a court room, we are not able to bring our army of support with us and let the parole board hear the statements of others. This is where your help comes in. I’ve been advised by other Domestic abuse advocates to make NOISE in protesting his release, to remind my community of what he’s grotesquely done and how he could be back in society. I’ve been advised to gather the support from my community to show the parole board members, we will not stand for his freedom. I fully believe violent, convicted offenders like Prisoner #309305 do not belong in our community, any community, to freely roam and return to old habits, to visit with their loved ones, to start a new life at his nearly 45 years of age. My family and I only get to visit a grave. His release is not Justice for Nicole. 

If you support these same feelings and thoughts on protesting his release please sign this petition. Help us in being a voice for Nicole, so everyone hears her shout from the grave that Justice must be served. 

I thank you in advance on behalf of Nicole, all past and current Domestic Abuse victims and survivors. It is said that the most dangerous time for an individual is when leaving a strained/tense relationship, when the other party has abusive or controlling habits. When a weapon is present at the time of an abusive relationship breakup, it is 500% more likely to end in a homicide.

This is only the start of spreading her story so individuals in similar, possessive relationships, experiencing dating violence and/or a abusive relationship, are aware of the dangers of staying or being alone when the break up occurs. Harsher punishments, lengthier sentences must be the norm in our society for these offenders. I am done with the stigma of Domestic Abuse and Violence not being an open discussion… lives are being affected, changed negatively and taken away because of it. THIS IS NOT OK.

To read about Nicole’s story visit:

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This petition made change with 2,257 supporters!

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