#JusticeForMandeepKaur - Bring Mandeep Kaur's Body Back to India and Protect her Daughters

#JusticeForMandeepKaur - Bring Mandeep Kaur's Body Back to India and Protect her Daughters

10 August 2022
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S. Jaishankar (Minister of External Affairs of India)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Yogita Bhayana

Trigger Warning: This petition refers to domestic violence & suicide

“I tolerated everything for the last eight years in the hope that one day he would improve, but that did not happen. He beat me for eight years. Troubled me. I can't stand it anymore. It’s God who will now handle everyone, I am not saying anything to anyone…”

I wonder what Mandeep Kaur’s family would have felt when they saw their daughter’s last video. The thought itself gives me sleepless nights. Mandeep, 30, died by suicide in New York. She was being subjected to domestic violence for eight years. In one of the videos, one can clearly see her husband beating her up, as her innocent daughters cry in the background.

How many more daughters have to die before we wake up? I haven't been able to sleep ever since I read Mandeep's story. I am in touch with Mandeep’s family. There are a simple family without many resources or access. I know that the whole country will stand by them. I have started this petition so that Mandeep and her family receive justice.

Sign and share my petition to demand that -

1. The husband and other family members who pushed Mandeep into suicide be punished severely.

2. Mandeep's daughters be protected and their custody be given to Mandeep's family in India.

3. Mandeep's body be handed over to her family in India at the earliest.

Mandeep has left behind two innocent daughters. We could not save Mandeep's life but we can ensure that her daughters' futures are safeguarded. 

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Signatures: 44,049Next Goal: 50,000
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Decision Makers

  • S. JaishankarMinister of External Affairs of India