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Started by Ingrid Martin

Just after midnight on Saturday May 6th, Alan Blueford and two of his friends were waiting for friends to pick them up on 90th Ave., in East Oakland, after the Floyd Mayweather fight. Not long after Alan had phoned his parents to check-in with them, a car slowly pulled up to them with its lights off. Alan ran. One officer gave chase. A few blocks later Alan was shot by OPD officer Miguel Masso. Masso also shot himself in the foot. Over a dozen witnesses all said that Alan had no weapon and posed no threat to the officer.

Why did the police approach Alan and his friends with their lights off? Why did they give chase when Alan had committed no crime and posed no threat to the officer? Why was Alan shot three times when he had no weapon? How did a trained officer shoot himself in the foot? From the witnesses’ statements, why was Alan not given emergency CPR by OPD? Why did the OPD change their story to the family several times in the days after the shooting?  

The family has gotten nothing but lies, distortions and stalling from the OPD.

We demand Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana, Alamada County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley and Oakland City Council members act to ensure the responsible parties take the following actions:

1. Terminate Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso (currently on paid leave), and prosecute him for the murder of Alan Blueford.

2. Release the full Coroner's Report and Police Report.

3. Hold Oakland Chief of Police Howard Jordan and OPD accountable for the multiple lies told related to the shooting of Alan Blueford, the circumstances of the officers' decision to approach and stop Alan Blueford and 2 other teenagers, and the denial of medical care to Alan Blueford after the shooting. 

We call on the above-named officials to support the Blueford family and Coalition for Justice 4 Alan Blueford in their demands for the following state and federal reforms.

3.  End 'STOP and FRISK' and all other police practices of racial profiling.

4.  Repeal the Police Officers’ Bill of Rights, that shields violent cops from prosecution and keeps them on the street.


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This petition had 223 supporters

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