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Keep animals safe from convicted animal abuser Johanna Kloer

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Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary recently assisted Orange County, New York Humane Law Enforcement in an animal cruelty case involving a seizure of multiple animals belonging to Johanna Kloer of New Windsor, NY.  We housed 5 horses and 1 pony for several months through her trial. Miss Kloer was found guilty of four counts of cruelty and neglect on March 6, 2015. Her initial charge included 30 counts of cruelty.  38 animals were removed from Miss Kloer's property at the time of the seizure. All of the animals were being kept in substandard conditions, below freezing temperatures, without proper food, water or veterinary treatment. Judge Stephen Smith ruled to return Miss Kloer's animals to her despite the fact that she was found guilty of four counts of cruelty and neglect and despite the fact that Miss Kloer willingly starved and abused her pets. We are ask our supporters to sign this petition and let Judge Stephen Smith know that they are dissatisfied with his ruling and that we feel Johanna Kloer is not capable of providing adequate care to any animal. We want to tell Judge Smith that we want Johanna Kloer's animals placed in adequate homes or sanctuaries and that we want Johanna Kloer to be barred from owning any animals ever again.

At this time, Miss Kloer has already reclaimed the five horses and the pony that were held at Pets Alive. These animals were ordered by the court to be returned to her despite the fact that her official sentencing is not scheduled until May 7. 

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This decision made by Judge Smith greatly disturbs us at Pets Alive. The condition of the animals we received into our care from Miss Kloer’s property can best be described as horrendous. Although all of the animals were in poor condition, we were, and are now, especially concerned about the welfare of two of the horses, Soligen and Count.

            Soligen, a ten year old mare, had a body score of 2.5 out of 9, and her feet had not been trimmed in over a year. She was exhibiting extreme pain and could barely stand or walk. Additionally she was exhibiting neurological problems that had not been addressed. Soligen was extremely underweight. She is unable to defend herself from the other horses that she was co-housed with on Miss Kloer’s property and she is unable to eat unless she is isolated and food brought to her. Soligen received continuous veterinary care while at Pets Alive and while under our supervision she gained 150 pounds. Soligen will experience the effects of the mistreatment she has endured for the rest of her life and will be unable to walk normally ever again.

            We are gravely concerned that Soligen has been returned to Miss Kloer, who has not ever provided adequate care for her and likely never will. Additionally, although Soligen should not be ridden due to her crippling and painful circumstances, we have been made aware that Miss Kloer not only allows her to be worked but also drives her well over the time period acceptable for even a healthy horse. A vet should regularly see Soligen. The consequence of continuing inadequate veterinary care to this horse that is already in poor condition will likely be death.

            Count, a gelding, arrived to us with a body score of 1.5. He was extremely emaciated due to extreme dental disease, which made eating painful for him.  Count required a special feeding regimen to allow him to have the nourishment needed to stay alive. Count gained 120 pounds in our care. Again, it is essential that Count receive continuous veterinary supervision that we feel Miss Koeler will not provide to him.

            We found the “special circumstances “ for the return of the animals imposed by the court on Miss Kloer extraordinarily inadequate. The special circumstances put into place by Judge Stephen Smith allow for 4 visits yearly by Humane Law Officers. It is our opinion that this is not enough to keep Miss Kloer’s animals safe. The condition of an animal receiving inadequate care can degenerate rapidly over the course of just a few weeks or even days.  Although the conditions of return do require Miss Kloer to maintain records of adequate veterinary care for her animals and for hours spent on her farm, there are no stipulations outlined for the review of these documents.

We feel very strongly that Miss Kloer is unable to provide adequately for the animals in her care. This community has brought complaint after complaint forward only to have Miss Kloer’s unimaginably cruel acts dismissed with no more than a slap on the wrist. We feel strongly that the system has failed them and so because of that we are compelled to ask our followers for their support.

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