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#poppisvoice independent review of CPS latest decision

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A high Court judge twice has stated that poppi was sexual abused by her farther shortly before her death. Also in the media who were present at the last court hearing have published statements about his guilt. So the question is why time and time again do the CPS refuse to aknowledge the judgment of a high Court judge and the media who were present at the hearing based on the same evidence that everyone eles has heard. So basically if u was innocent of a crime would u just be sitting there and doing nothing about it well NO is the answer u would be standing up n fighting back u would not be hiding away with nothing to say. Altogether a 6 week hearing has review this case and two judgements have said that he has done this so we're are the CPS going wrong we want an.independent review for the public to understand and get justice for poppi #poppisvoice 

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