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Be Lenient in Your Sentencing of Michael Schmidt

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Dear Justice Peter Tetley, & food freedom supporters in Canada & elsewhere,

"Michael Schmidt is a farmer who has been relentlessly pursued by Health Canada for tending cows the old fashioned way. He refuses to put his animals on a conveyor belt and won’t allow them to be a cog in a wheel in some God forsaken factory. He won’t even cut their horns off, because it violates their nature to do so.

His farm is a heritage museum, a tribute to traditional, pre-modern foodways. It should be a national treasure. Instead, it is the scene of Canada’s national disgrace. Health bureaucrats, urged on by Canada’s conventional farmers are trying to destroy the farmer and take his farm away. They are bent on denying the people who depend on Michael’s farm. Their goal is to cut off their milk supply.

Michael’s food is produced privately, it does not go into the commercial food system. It is only available to his herd share investors, not the general public. His investors need this milk, often because they are struggling with serious health issues. They seek his milk as a remedy, and because of his meticulous animal husbandry and safety protocols, it is a good one.

One of the two documentaries made about this man is entitled, Michael Schmidt, Organic Hero or Bioterrorist. His government is treating him like the latter, but I can assure you he is the former. In fact, Michael Schmidt is considered a Hero of Sustainable Agriculture by" -Excerpt from Kim Hartke

I do not think that I can benefit of all this change coming towards us but I certainly can envision a better world for our children.” –Michael Schmidt
That quote is by Michael, during his 36 day hunger strike while waiting to meet with the Premier of Ontario, Dalton Mcguinty for discussion. Though Dalton McGuinty did eventually meet with Michael, it was 36 days, I mean, come on.

The fact that he was willing to starve to death behind this speaks volumes as to Ontario's overall wrongness here, & to their blatant ignorance of a valid consumer need! & much more importantly, it concerns the freedoms of those who may need Michael's milk for health reasons.

Last year Justice Paul Kowarsky vindicated Michael. This year an appeal by the state finds him to be a criminal.

Now the sentencing hearing for Michael will take place on Friday, November 25, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.

“Many Michael Schmidt supporters, cow share members, raw milk and food freedom supporters need to be in the courtroom that day. We need to send a message that the food we choose to consume is a fundamental human right, and that the charges for distribution and sale of raw milk should be dropped against Michael Schmidt.
There is no victim to this “crime” so no one needs to be charged. No raw milk drinker has gotten sick or complained about the milk.
We are living in very strange times. But there’s always hope.
If as many of us can be in the courtroom that day, I’m sure our presence will be well noted and may have some effect on the outcome. After Micheal made that enormous sacrifice with his 36-day hunger strike to prove his commitment to food freedom for all of us, he should not have to face the judge alone. WE are the ones who demand raw milk. And WE are the ones who need to support him at this important hearing.” -Sib, from

“Right now the Ontario government and the Ontario Legal system is “on trial ” as much as Michael Schmidt . Do they want to look like they are out of touch with public sentiments and world opinion ? It will not the help the “Ontario” brand if they fine a visionary like Michael ridiculously or put him in jail.” - BC Food Security, from
Again, that's Friday, November 25, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.!
The courthouse is NOT the same place where the trial was held in 2009. It is where the appeal proceedings have been held, at 50 Eagle St. W., Newmarket, in room 203. The court staff has been notified that there will likely be many observers.

Let's send a message on Michael's behalf!
Justice Tetley,
We want leniency at this sentencing hearing!
& we want the freedom to choose whether or not our milk is pasteurized junk!

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