Justice must be same for everyone irrespective of caste, money.

Justice must be same for everyone irrespective of caste, money.

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Started by Jahnavi Garapati

Sugali preethi, a girl student studying tenth standard in cattamanchali ramalinga reddy school, kurnool, andhra Pradesh.. 

Two year ago.... One fine day.... Her parents got a call from the school management stating that "your daughter was found to be faint. Can u please come and take a look after her".

On hearing this those poor parents reached the school and found that she was hanged to the fan...there were nearly 10 policemen already at the spot but didn't collect any clue or evidences from the scene of offence. They didn't even laid the body down... Her parents were the first to touch her daughter's body... 

As the school management has good background the police didn't supported and even tried to convince the parents to take back the case... The parents were offered a money of nearly 60 lakhs to close the case.. But the poor mother who was handicapped didn't accepted and keep on trying for justice.. 

Moreover her postmortem  report says that she was brutally raped and her uterus was fully filled with semen..... How brutal is this!! 

But as the management was good enough to change these reports... They even changed the postmortem report.. 

So, we want to fight against these type of people who are engaging in these brutal activities seeing their background.. These are the people who have to teach the students the moral values but these are the only one who committed this rape and murder... And this school was running still. We have to unite together and strive for justice for Sugali preethi and also to save many other students like her by closing the school completely.. 

3,701 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!