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As you all know, my granddaughter, Serenity, is the face of a 4 year old who suffered the utmost unimaginable experience of life.  Fighting for her safety and requests made to child and family services were ignored leading up to her final destination.  These images you see plastered in the media were taken 4 days before her last breath was taken.

The people responsible for the death of Serenity still has not been put to justice because of the current laws in the government has in place that people who are in kinship are not being held responsible for the death of Serenity. 

I had someone from the government promise me changes in the policies, shortly afterwards, he was released from his position. I wonder why? What if this happened to one of their own family member, guaranteed, they would be working hard to ensure answers. Nobody is doing anything. Calgary homicide investigations are putting this down as a cold case until solid information comes forth.  As far as I am concerned, all individuals who lived in that house should be held responsible for the results of this beautiful angel who is now in heaven.

Because this is such a sensitive case, we are not posting the links of her on here as it is a trigger for those who had to see her this way.  4 days, a grandmother who tried to help her grand baby, was shunned and was never allowed to see Serenity due to inner family fighting. Family of Serenity had fought and tried to get her help, but was told Serenity was fine.  Shortly after, Family was called to the hospital.

Wanting to be the voice for children in care and Serenity, it is a mission I decided to take on and to ensure her face and name will never be forgotten. My Grand daughter Serenity Deserves Justice - Please help me get this message to the people and sign this petition that the people who kept her are help responsible for her death. #justiceforserenity