Demand Release of All Incarcerated Persons with Pending PCRA Petitions

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Last week, a Philadelphia judge ordered the release of a list containing the names of dozens of former and current members of the Philadelphia Police Department whose credibility has been fatally undermined by corruption, false testimony and other forms of misconduct. The existence of the List is a critical moment in this City’s history, especially because, today, dozens and perhaps hundreds of men and women are behind bars based on the tainted testimony of the officers on the List. But the List is just the latest manifestation of a long-standing crisis of police misconduct in Philadelphia. In 2014, federal authorities indicted 6 officers on charges of corruption and brutality. Over 800 people had been sent to prison based on the testimony of those same officers. Faced with those facts, then Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams appropriately called for all 800 convictions to be overturned. A judge agreed, and the scales of justice were made more level in this important way. With the newly discovered evidence, we are demanding the immediate release of Meek Mill, and all of the people convicted based on the wrongful conduct of the officers at issue. Let your voice be heard and join us to fight these injustices!