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Create gender neutral laws


Hon’ble Justice Verma,

Further to what has happened in Delhi, I have come to know that you are heading the committee to amend rape laws. I would like to sincerely request you to take into account your own experiences of such cases in courts and knowledge of the law rather than the mass psychosis evident on the streets of Delhi. An innocent constable is dead due to this mob hysteria. His sacrifice would go waste if poor laws are framed. Please ensure that you dont stain your hands with the blood of hundreds of innocent men in India. Dont punish the whole gender for the crime of 6 people.

In my humble opinion I request you to kindly consider the following:

1. Rape/sexual assault laws should be made gender-neutral so that boys and men facing sexual assault/ harassment/ rape do also get a listening. Also, women-on-women rape/sexual offence should be covered.

2. Mere allegations should not be grounds for putting an innocent behind bars and harassing him. We must bear in mind the foundation of Laws of India are known that even if 100 criminals are spared, no innocent should be punished. Police should accept the complaint of rape/sexual offence on any gender and convert it to FIR only after preliminary investigation or firm evidence such as medical report.

3. As per records, 70-80% of rape cases are false. Those abusing the laws should be penalised with the same punishment that would have been given to the person if he was found guilty of the crime. This is given the fact that gender-biased laws such as 498a and DV laws are already being rampantly misused by a lot of women in India. If not, false cases like that of Shri Rahul Gandhi will increase, this law will become another tool for blackmailing and extortion.

4. There should be a speedy trail of all such cases so that everyone gets justice: the victim and the innocent accuseds.

5. Death penalty to alleged rapists would mean that if anyone rapes a person, he/she will be inclined to kill the victim. This will increase homicide rates in India.

6. Clear demarcation should exist between consensual intercourse and rape. This should be applicable to couples who are married and unmarried. Those lodging a false case should be penalised as above.

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  • Hon'ble Retd Chief Justice of India
    Justice J S Verma

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