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Have Jaide returned home and Dr. Carol Ecker to be removed from the HS

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Very similar to the Hank story!

Our dog Jaide was deemed dangerous based on being a Pit Bull. The difference is that she is not! Jaide is a Mastiff mix (Full Mastiiff/Full Rot). Our neighbors complained to the local Police Dept (Walkerton) that Jaide was repeatedly running loose and was a dangerous Pit Bull. The police dept showed up three days later, and issued us a ticket based on the hearsay of the neighbors. It was explained to the officer that Jaide was not a pit bull, and we asked for proof of her being off her leash. This ticket was issued on hearsay of neighbors and the officer came out three days later. The following weekend the code enforcement showed up, again calling Jaide a pit bull, requesting shot record, and to have her lisenced as a dangerous dog. Again it was eplained what bred she is and was told that we have her shot record and that we would go get a normal license but not a dangerous dog, as she is not a pit bull, nor has she bit or attacked anyone. The following Tuesday the Humane Society showed up on our doorstep. We were not home at, the notice was requesting the same info that code requested. We called the HS that night and had our vet confirm verbally Jaides shot record and bred. Dr Ecker demanded that we take Jaide to a vet and that she was a pit and that we had to come in and get the DDL. On top of the false report of Jaide bred, the neighbors now reported that we were abusing her. It was explained that she had a vet appointment the following week. This was not good enough for her and she was demanding us to take her in to a vet. I offered to bring her in, to meet a HS officer and told her that she already had an appointment, Dr Ecker refused. We took her to the Humane Society to have her looked at to prove she was not a Pit bull and that she was not abused in any way. Jaide said in the waiting room with other people and with other dogs and had no reaction, until Dr Ecker came out with a metal prod, trying to upset Jaide. Of course this made Jaide bark as she was protecting her owners, as a normal dog would. Dr Ecker walked over took one look at Jaide and said Oh yeah shes a pit. We left after telling her that she wasnt, we asked how we could prove she wasnt and Carol told us the only way we could prove she wasnts was a DNA test. so we paid for the test, the results came back We have prove that Jaide's parents are full Mastiff and full Rot. In the meantime once again the HS showed up while no one was at home, leaving another notice, same as the first but also requesting that we schedule a vet appointment. This was already taken care of, the ONLY thing left was the license, which Dr Ecker refuses to give us (a normal license), she will only give us a DDL. We once again contacted her, she was told again that we were having the testing done, that they had her shot record and that there is false reporting on the neighbors part. Last sunday Jaide actually ran out the door and across the street and of course the neighbors called (and of course they conviently didnt mention that their dog was off the chain as well running all over). Police dept showed up to give us a ticket but not the neighbors stating because ours was a dangerous dog because she is a pitbull we were gettting the ticket and not them. The police dept was shown the results of Jaides DNA (we had just got them back that morning). On Monday we called the Human Society and told them, Dr Ecker said she didnt care what Jaides results were, that she has to have pit in her, that Jaide was considered dangerous because she is running loose.

On Friday 10/18/2012 the Walkerton Police Dept waited til were gone from the house and kicked in the door, sedated her and took her. The warrent was an iinspection warrent and read that we are harboring a pit bull, and that we refused the Humane Society access to her. So now Dr. Carol Ecker has Jaide and is dying to put her down. she refused to let us see her and said we have "ten days and the dog is mine".

This women claims to work with resuce pit bull dogs but yet also believes in BSL. Please help us save Jaide, and return her home. Please sign this petition to save Jaide and many others and to have Dr Ecker removed. How many other dogs has she mislabled and put down? and this is all based on hearsay from our neighbors, meaning that they can claim your dog is a pit bull and she can make the decision to have the dog put down with no questions. She needs to be held accountable, she has DNA proof of the bred of our dog and is still claiming that Jaide is pitbull.

Please help us in stopping her and returning our family member back to us. Please post and share this with as many people that you can. We are greatly afraid for Jaide an what will happen, as Dr Ecker is so adamant, and needs to be stopped.

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