Justice for Zothansanga

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There hasn't been any satisfactory reports, investigations, proceedings, and actions taken regarding the reported atrocity committed to Mr. Zothansanga on 7th September 2018.

We fear that the gravity of the incident be dampened, swept under the rug, and result in deplorable resolution.


It is in the interest of the people that the voices of those who had been trampled upon be heard, empathised, consoled, and reciprocated with justice.
We do not wish that our strive for justice be muffled by lack of compliance, incompetence, influence, or bias. We do not wish for mob justice, but justice served in the confines of the law. We yearn and strive for judiciary that is firm and does not discriminate. We want the truth to prevail!

Join us in strengthening our voice.


Personal story
Following the night of 7th September 2018, two groups clashed at a karaoke bar in Zarkawt, Mizoram. The commotion was dismissed and Zothansanga (Whom shall be addressed as "the victim" in the following) declined to file an FIR to the police that arrived at the scene.

However, Zodinliana (Whom shall be referred as "the accused/perpetrator" henceforth) returned with a friend in a car, abducted the victim to a secluded place. The victim was then harassed, abused physically, psychologically, and sexually by the perpetrator. The accused then deserted the scene and drove away, leaving the victim in ruins.

[No pictures of accused nor victim shall be provided on this petition to safeguard privacy and avoid unwarranted defamation.]




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