Justice for Xyrus Zelaya, Deltona, FL

Justice for Xyrus Zelaya, Deltona, FL

November 30, 2021
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Volusia Sheriff's Office and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Melanie Diaz

Xyrus Lyonel Zelaya, 16 of Deltona, Florida was murdered as he was leaving a Halloween party on October 31, 2021. Markland Roberts, a 43 year old man, opened fire on a vehicle of teenagers and Xyrus lost his life for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sadly, after more than a month, an arrest was finally made but the suspect was released within 2 HOURS. While he was only charged with Manslaughter, what happened to Xyrus was Murder! 

Xyrus IS loved and deserves justice so that his family can focus on mourning and healing.  It is sad if we have to live in a world where a grown man can walk free after killing an innocent 16 year old child. He should not have more rights than his victim who is not here to fight for himself. That is where YOU come in. Help us fight to bring Xyrus justice!  Please sign this petition for Xyrus’ murderer to be properly prosecuted and the charges upgraded so that Xyrus and his family get justice. 

As you think of Xyrus, please think of your children and loved ones so that it is known that our children matter, and we will not turn a blind eye when it comes to justice for any of our children. 

To the parents of other children who attended the party and have been reluctant to allow your child to come forward due to fear of retaliation…this is our plea to you. Please think of Xyrus and his family and imagine if it were your child. Wouldn’t you want justice for your child? Xyrus and his family would stand with you in a heartbeat…that is who he was and how he was raised.

This murderer is free and at large…stand with us so that we can fight together to bring justice…not just for Xyrus, but for all of the children who were there and have to relive the events of that night forever.  

#justiceforxyrus #LLX

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Signatures: 3,971Next Goal: 5,000
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  • Volusia Sheriff's Office
  • Megan UpchurchOffice of the State Attorney, 7th Cir.
  • Heatha TrigonesState Attorney's Office
  • Ashley MoodyAttorney General