Justice for Vinson!

Justice for Vinson!

February 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vinson Hall

Vinson is an innocent American Los Angeles resident and Product Manager that faces various violations at the hands of police, 2 suspects, and German executives.

Los Angeles, LAPD, local agencies, and California are intentionally failing to intervene, protect, condemn, and have joined in ongoing abuses since 2019/2020, despite multiple 911 calls and letters. They don't want to be held accountable, and they don't want to stop the suspects from assaulting and hacking electronics.

Civil-Human Rights Violations:

  • Police officers were coerced to attack Vinson by German citizens via group chats.  The 2 suspects run the group chats that were originally meant to disperse music.
  • They utilize group chats and hacked electronics to deny his right to access legal counsel and deny the right to diagnostic help from ear and brain doctors for evidence and treatment.
  • German citizens, 2 suspects, and a police officer utilized group chats to set up Vinson, to have his eardrums blown out with megaphones to make him deaf he lost some of his hearing permanently.
  • Police officers allowing 2 (suspects) hackers, a Russian and US Citizen to manipulate his life and brain for example: playing high-pitched screeching noises towards his eardrums, erasing short/mid-term memory, slowing cognitive abilities, causing pain to the brain/ears. They are able to manipulate, and torture with a BCI/weapon.
  • Group chats and related mobile applications show his hacked Macbook/iPhone. Allowing police to conspire with 2 suspects to intervene in his daily life, preventing him from speaking to friends, family, and witnesses. The 2 suspects broadcasted Vinson’s apartments via unauthorized cameras/microphones into the group chat for people to watch throughout the US and internationally.

Our goal is to stop police misconduct, corruption, and \ violations toward Vinson. We would like assistance from one or some of the following:

  • Congress and/or Senators to condemn and get a federal agency to intervene, stop, and investigate the actions of the ongoing attack at the hands of the 2 suspects, and police!
  • Shut down the group chats, which give brain damage, and stop police, and 2 suspects from engaging in misconduct, corruption, and on-going attacks towards Vinson!
  • Shut down the malicious/weaponized software, and brain-computer interface causing great bodily injury to Vinson.
  • Get the Federal Government, sheriff, police watchdog groups, human rights groups, and/or ACLU  to condemn, intervene, and stop the abuses!
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Signatures: 25,364Next Goal: 35,000
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