Justice For Vinitha (Surat, India)

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Vinitha Weds Jay Bhansali ( 4th May 2018 ) 

Family - happy
Society - happy
Girl - Dunno.... nobody asked!

RIP VINITHA ( 27th Mar 2019 ) 
Family - Devastated
Society- Shocked
Girl- No More...

How many more girls are going to be sacrificed to meet these norms?
How many more are going to die complaining rather than fight for their lives?

Vinitha was my Sister. happy and full of life. She thought she was entering a fairytale to lead a perfect life 10 months ago, little did she know that with every vow around that fire, she was taking one step closer to death.
She was 'mentally , emotionally abused' and brutally murdered by her in-laws.
The police reports say, she committed suicide by jumping off the terrace, but I feel it is sheer MURDER and the CULPRITS are her heartless family and this uncouth and backward society which refused to see her pain and led her to give up on life.

Religion and customs are made for our security and not the other way around. I hope the sacrifice she has made helps others to take a step back and think!!

If you witness such a behaviour around please stop it and educate the person about the effect of their actions. Emotional abuse is a serious issue and a crime in it's sense.

And to all the other girls out there, your life and happiness is more important than what our society thinks. Don't back down when you're put into a situation like this, stand up for yourself and fight back. Do it for your parents and most importantly do it for yourself.

Miss you Vini you will always be loved ❤️

Hometown : Kamareddy, Telangana - 503111