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We need to have law enforcement, the court system and the entire justice system in general start taking animal abuse SERIOUSLY.  There need to be much stricter laws, with much stiffer fines and much harsher penalties.  Contrary to what the "law" says... our pets are NOT 'property' or 'chattel'. They are our family members, just as our children are. For some of us these ARE our children and we would do anything to protect them.

Abusers of animals come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities,  social classes, ages etc. What they all have in common is that they are all  sociopaths  who lack empathy for other living beings. They are dangerous to our society and should be treated as such. Many are seriously mentally ill.  Our laws are extremely weak and poorly enforced and these innocent, loving creatures are the victims of a broken legal system and a sick and broken society.  We need to change that.

Veronica Garcia committed a brutal, heinous crime that was premeditated and extremely violent and committed with an deadly weapon that is illegal in the state of Michigan. Not only did she attack this puppy but its owner as well.  The court MUST NOT, under ANY circumstance consider a plea-bargain. We need to set an example and NOW is the time to do it.  This kind of behavior CANNOT and WILL NOT be tolerated.  Let's show the court that we mean business and we DEMAND real justice.

Letter to
3rd Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan The Honorable Cynthia Hathaway,
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Honorable Cynthia Hathaway, 3rd Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan.

Punish Veronica Garcia for violent animal abuse

We are petitioning on behalf of a 7 month old puppy, Vera Kosino and her owner. We need this woman to be made an example of. In a civilized society the physical, verbal and/or emotional abuse of any human being or other sentient being is absolutely unacceptable, especially when it comes to those who cannot speak for, protect or defend themselves.

The laws against the abuse of animals are either non-existant or so lenient that they are virtually useless. The abusers are usually let go with nothing more than a small fine and a slap on the wrist. This is unbelievable and an outrage. Fines and punishment should fit the crime. Most crimes commited against animals are horrendous and extremely violent. There is proof from numerous psychological studies that show that people who abuse, torture and/or kill animals usually go on to do the same to humans. These people are classified as sociopaths and are a danger to our society. Abuse CANNOT and should NEVER be taken lightly because by not giving the harshest fines and punishhments deserving of such heinous acts, we as a society are letting them know that we don't care, that we also don't value the lives of these defenseless, caring, feeling, loving, intelligent beings. This is wrong in so many ways.

When our own justice system shows apathy and indifference to such disgusting and unacceptable behavior, these abusers have nothing to deter them from repeating their crimes. They see it as "acceptable" behavior that doesn't bring any significant consequences. These poor animals deserve to be treated with love, care and different than we would expect for our own children. Most good pet owners DO consider their pets no different than their children. They are full-fledged family members... not pieces of chattel or property. They are not inanimate objects to be used, abused, discarded like trash once they're not wanted, not useful or no longer tolerated.

We are asking the court to set a precedent. DO NOT let these heinous acts of cruelty and violence go unpunished. They should be severely punished to fit the deeds and degree of the crime.

We are asking Your Honor to take heed and consider these profound words spoken by Mahatma Ghandi :

""The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." --Ghandi.

If this is true... we are NOT a great nation and we are NOT moral. We should be ashamed... very very ashamed as citizens. We ask that you consider carefully what we have asked of this court and do the right, honorable, moral and decent thing buy punishing Vernonica Garcia to the fullest extent of the law allowed and reject the idea of a plea bargain and/or no jail time. Her crime was premeditated, brutal, vicious and extremely violent. Not only did she mutilate the dog but also assaulted the dog's owner. This woman should not be set free, her heinous deeds and actions should not be taken lightly and we feel she should be made to compensate Vera's owner for medical expenses and all other expenses related to this case.

We thank you for listening to our plea.


Sharon M. Connors
Animal Activist / Rescue Volunteer

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