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Justice for Vera Kosino

We need to have law enforcement, the court system and the entire justice system in general start taking animal abuse SERIOUSLY.  There need to be much stricter laws, with much stiffer fines and much harsher penalties.  Contrary to what the "law" says... our pets are NOT 'property' or 'chattel'. They are our family members, just as our children are. For some of us these ARE our children and we would do anything to protect them.

Abusers of animals come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities,  social classes, ages etc. What they all have in common is that they are all  sociopaths  who lack empathy for other living beings. They are dangerous to our society and should be treated as such. Many are seriously mentally ill.  Our laws are extremely weak and poorly enforced and these innocent, loving creatures are the victims of a broken legal system and a sick and broken society.  We need to change that.

Veronica Garcia committed a brutal, heinous crime that was premeditated and extremely violent and committed with an deadly weapon that is illegal in the state of Michigan. Not only did she attack this puppy but its owner as well.  The court MUST NOT, under ANY circumstance consider a plea-bargain. We need to set an example and NOW is the time to do it.  This kind of behavior CANNOT and WILL NOT be tolerated.  Let's show the court that we mean business and we DEMAND real justice.

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  • 3rd Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan
    The Honorable Cynthia Hathaway,

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