Justice for the animals at Chrisney Animal Shelter

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  1. Get a new director for the Animal Shelter, someone who clearly cares & won’t inhumanly euthanize animals. 
  2. Get the women who are involved charged with Animal Cruelty & possibly jail time.
  3. So we can all speak for the animals who can’t do anything for themselves. 


Stolen from Facebook: 

I just want to say if you are anywhere near Chrisney, IN and see a stray or want to surrender your dog do not take it to the Chrisney animal shelter. They have been inhumanely euthanizing kittens and have even done it to a dog. They put them in bags and throw them in a deep freeze. This is NOT okay and not humane or morally okay. Like I said do NOT take any animal to this shelter. They even killed someone’s dog without giving ample time to come pick it up or look for it. 5 days is all it took them to kill someone’s dog. I will be adding the address for this awful place in the comments. The only people that work there that have been making this people do this is Joy Szook and her trainee that is becoming the boss/ manager. Do not be rude to anyone else who works there because they are being made to do these awful things or lose their jobs.

  • Edit: A girl who adopted a dog from the shelter had told me this: You need to mention she took a already abused dog, who she was going to put down, because he was “aggressive” to men, and tried to get him to attack her ex husband, and now he tries to do that anytime a man comes into my house he doesn’t know, but he is getting better because of me! I saved his life! She didn’t do shit for him, I showed him love and compassion, and my family did too, he became a part of my family, and now he tries to bite her, bc he knows the different between real love and fake love, like she didn’t even put him up on the Facebook page or put him up for adoption, bc she was going to keep him for herself even tho she doesn’t have $50 to her name 

The lady who done this is, Christina Payne

I speaked to some people & when they told the lady above all of them (Joy Zook), she never done a thing about it. Nor did she care, & she had done it before. It is only these 2 people. & they’re wanting to drop all charges on Christina Payne. Joy Zook has finally closed the shelter until further notice, but when she first heard about what was going on she should’ve done something ASAP. They have also abused some dogs there. Please sign this petition so we can have justice for all these animals. 

If you sign this, this will get justice for all those poor babies, signing it won’t bring them back but it’ll help them get justice against the Chrisney Animal Shelter. 

EDIT:  Here’s a post I just read from an ex-employee 

To everyone who has read or heard about the allegations made against the Spencer County Animal Shelter - I can tell you that parts of what you’ve heard is true, but I can only speak my truth. Today was my final day at the shelter and I have been silent until now for fear of retaliation from management. Yes, shelter employees have been asked to put injured / sick cats that were still alive in the freezer to die by Christina Payne (Spencer County Animal Control Officer) and Joy Zook (board member) admitted during a board meeting I attended last week that she had done it once before too when she was running the shelter. I was asked to do this twice, both times while I was working a day-shift, alone at the shelter during my 3 months of employment, which I declined to do both times. Another employee and volunteer were also asked once to do the same durning my time of employment there. Need proof? I have proof of the second time I personally was asked - which prompted me to immediately alert trusted individuals who then alerted management and the Spencer County Humane Society board members. After being notified of all this, Christina Payne is still holding her position today at the shelter and I am appalled. Still think putting animals in a freezer is justified simply because the animal is injured or sick? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, it’s unacceptable, and shelter employees and VOLUNTEERS are NOT trained professionals who are licensed to determine death or perform any kind of euthanasia whatsoever. Please share this post if you care about these animals - help give a voice to the animals still at the shelter because it’s not too late for them! This is not an isolated incident. There is more messed up stuff that’s going on at the shelter, but this is what has gotten the conversation started, and what everyone has been asking about. I encourage others who have had similar experiences at the shelter to speak up with me. The animals deserve better than this.